RxC October Community Call Recording & Notes

by Oct 14, 2020

Subject: October Community Call
Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Time: 12pm EST
Participants: 31 people
Location: Zoom meeting (recording available here)

Minutes below with action items.

Voice to the chapters

  • Emmanuel Midy is transitioning out of his RxC responsibilities on chapter management to Fanny Lakoubay. Upcoming impact is:
    • Fanny to reach out to current chapter leads for direct feedback on what the Foundation can do to help them move forward (onboarding more people, keeping the engagement of the community, adding internal communication directly from chapter to chapter, etc.)
    • Manny will stay involved consulting on ideas & implementation
  • Congrats to chapters that are restarting with new leads:
    • Johannesburg
    • Harvard University
    • Lisbon – Get chapter lead info and send to Joe Lambke
    • Zurich – Tom Lyons took the lead – Send latest chapter guidelines to Tom
    • Yale University
  • A preview of the French Chapter agenda with a new event format “Ask Me Anything” on Tuesdays at 7pm CET with questions to one personality:
    • Oct20: Quelle proposition pour le système alimentaire de demain par Martin Brault
    • Nov17: Gouvernance algorithmique par Marine Guillaume, Ambassade du Numérique (Min Affaires Etrangères)
    • Dec15: Elitisme et centralisation par Nicolas Colin, co fondateur de The Family
    • Jan26: The Future of Real State par Robin Rivaton, essayiste et fondateur de Real Estech
  • Glen recommended using the momentum of the existing national dialog initiatives from E. Macron if any is left
  • Brazil Chapter Case studies – Vinicius & Gustavo – transparency and responsibility with public money. https://renovabr.org/en/home/ – speculative research on how QF could have worked in the previous elections (governor elections in Brazil). ASK – have more people looking at their work and making suggestions as to how to get more examples.
  • Los Angeles ChapterExpanding on the Downtown Stimulus experiment in Boulder, CO – looking for grant backers in SoCal (arts business and nonprofits) and trying to expand on code that’s there. LA Chapter is offering a bounty prize on this at GitxChange2 hackathon happening now on Gitcoin. Glen to connect Blair to a USC prof who could help on the academic side

GitXChange 2 Quadratic Funding Hackathon

RxC Updates

  • Two new team members:
    • Alex Randaccio is an RxC Project Developer. He studied computer science and political science at Brown University and will be using his interdisciplinary background in software development, design, research, and writing to build out and advance a number of RadicalxChange projects.
    • Lawrence Lundy-Bryan is RxC’s new Strategy Lead for the Fellowship Program. He is a technology analyst and investor, advising startups, corporates and the public sector on technology trends and strategy.
  • Live discussion coming up in October on depolarization hosted by Jennifer Morone organized by the foundation (contact: Leon Erichsen) – more to follow
  • Living Labs – ITS RIO – Future Democracy Lab: using radical ideas to update democracies
  • Podcast series coming soon
    • RxC Replayed: podcasts from the conference already available on Apple / Spotify
  • Looking into more ways to communicate / write about use cases / case studies
  • Internal governance project
  • New website to be launched by December at the latest

Community Updates