RxC November Community Call Recording & Notes

by Nov 9, 2020

Subject: November Community Call
Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Time: 12pm EST
Participants: 31 people
Location: Zoom meeting (recording available here)

“This is my favorite part of the call” – Fanny

Nikoline: hello1 (from Barcelona)
Yahsin Huang: happy election day 🙂
Maïmonatou Mar: hello from Paris 👋
Yahsin Huang: hello from taipei 😀
Vinicius Dias: hello from Brazil =)

Community Calls 2.0

We are trying new ways to make the community calls more engaging and participatory.

  • New way to transparently participate to the agenda via Typeform
  • New tool to foster smaller discussions after the community call: Airmeet
  • To come: up/down voting topics via Slido, quadratic voting

Please send us your ideas to community@radicalxchange.org to make it even better.

RxC Foundation Updates

  • New RxC Fellowship Program: We are thrilled to announce the first cohort of a new RxC fellowship program that will run for 10 weeks, from January 25 to April 2, 2021.
    • Find all details on RxC website on the program and how to apply as a fellow (before December 13, 2020)
    • More details and a live Q&A will be shared in the coming days
    • Email us your questions at fellowship@radicalxchange.org
  • Gitxchange2 hackathon: The hackathon ended on November 1, and the voting period is now in progress for the projects submitted.
  • New EU data regulations: a paper was leaked from the EU about upcoming new data regulations.
  • Jennifer Morone is speaking on Monday at the Decentralized Online Summit. Take your free ticket here

RxC Community Updates

  • RxC chapter updates
    • France (Mai): Research labs have been started with the 2022 French presidential elections in view to include RadicalxChange ideas
    • Brazil (Vicinius): research group has started with many people involved – see tweet
    • Barcelona (Nikoline): They are implementing in action the Sociocracy governance at the Akasha Hub Barcelona. Demonstrating models in catalunya, are getting pretty developed. They now launched “decentralized disobidience” Which is an interesting concept, that might be attractive to the “other” side.
  • RxC community updates
    • Ferran Reyes: working on a governance toolkit, https://vocdoni.io, as community manager, in Catalonia. Watch this panel on e-voting to learn more about vocdoni. He also leads and participates in several projects from the social economy such as the biggest common network (fiber optic) in the South of catalonia, following Elinor Ostrom principles, and a Food Cooperative in Barcelona. He’s also worked in the first crowdfunding platform to experiment with match funding pools (Goteo.org).
    • Jacob Kelter: He wrote the paper “Agent-based models of QV”, agent-based models of QV and organizing deliberation around policing, which he presented recently at the Computational Social Sciences Society of the Americas annual conference. Contact him at jacobkelter@u.northwestern.edu for a copy of the paper or more information.
    • Graven Prest: He is working on a project called the Geo Web, using Harberger taxes to administer a digital land market in an open-source AR metaverse. Check it out at https://www.geoweb.network/
    • Sophie Pornschlegel (EPC): She works in a Brussels-based think tank on democracy, rule of law and institutional reforms. She heard about RadicalXchange at an OECD event and here she was.
    • Auryn Macmillan: He is working on clr.fund, running their first on-chain and (almost) permissionless quadratic funding round. For anyone that wants to take it for a spin, instructions are here.
    • Kevin Owocki: He shared some work done by Gitcoin around QV and QF:
  • Some interesting links and food for thought shared during the meeting:


After the community call, we met on Airmeet with a few other RadxChangers to chat about some projects and ideas for the community. It was great! Join us next time!

people having fun on Airmeet

See you next month, on Wednesday, December 2, 2020.