Energized by the RxC Conference? Here’s How to Keep the Momentum Going

by Jun 24, 2020

The RadicalxChange 2020 conference concluded this past Sunday after a rich and full 48 hours of talks, panels, and workshops. After a conference it’s common to be filled with excitement and inspiration, but have no clear avenue for them. We are pleased to say that you don’t simply have to wait for next year’s RxC conference to stay engaged.

Follow, learn or teach, Be part of the community, build, support, or consult;

Follow RxC

Follow us on Twitter: You can follow us on twitter at @radxchange for updates on the foundation and the community.

Join our newsletter: For slightly less frequent but longer updates, you can join our newsletter here.

Learn or Teach

Rewatch (or watch) talks from the conference — and share them with others: Because the conference was 48 continuous hours on two stages, almost no one saw the whole event — even the organizers! But we promise that every panel, talk, and workshop was worth seeing. That means that there is plenty of amazing content to watch, and to share with others who may not have heard about the event. All those videos will be available on radicalxchange.org by the end of the week, and will remain available to the public.

Read or write for our blog: Many people do not realize that the RadicalxChange Foundation has a blog with dozens of interesting articles. We also welcome guest posts from our community with their own RxC-aligned ideas or examples of implementations. We’d love to hear how you are implementing RxC-inspired ideas in your communities, and welcome novel proposals, creative writing, and more. There is no fixed RxC canon — although inspired by Glen Weyl’s ideas from Radical Markets, RxC nurtures a diverse gestalt cluster of ideas about democracy, justice, technology, economics, art, and institutions. Community members have been critical contributors from the start. Email info@radicalxchange.org if you are interested in writing for us.

Read the work that inspires us at RxC: Radical Markets by Weyl and Posner is a classic entry point to start for RadicalxChange ideas, along with the paper “Liberal Radicalism: A Flexible Design For Philanthropic Matching Funds.” There are many other sources of inspiration: Henry George’s Progress and Poverty, and the works on this list, helpfully compiled by RxC Students — as well as many works mentioned during the conference.

Be Part of the Community 

Join or start a local RxC Chapter: One of the best ways to get involved with RxC is to join a group of other enthusiastic people in your area. We have chapters across the globe. A list of our current chapters can be found here, and it grows every day. You can also start your own chapter, if there isn’t already one in your region. We will be hosting a virtual event on how to set up a successful chapter in the next few weeks, so check our twitter, sign up for our newsletter, or email us for updates on that event. Chapters provide a forum for you to make friends, discuss and implement ideas, and give or get help with RxC-inspired projects. You might make a lifelong friend, meet a coauthor, or find your next job at a chapter meetup.

Join our community call: Another way to meet the RxC community is through our monthly community calls. Join our newsletter to get notified about their date and time, and to get the link to join.

Join the RxC forum: You can also interact with the RxC community through the RxC forum. The foundation does not actively moderate the forum, and it is largely run and populated by our wonderful community members.


Build your own RxC Inspired project: From applications that use Quadratic Voting, to architecture projects that plan to use COST — our community is busy implementing RxC ideas in their projects. You can be the next RxC inspired entrepreneur. Seek help, advice, or users at your local chapter meeting, on the forum, or on Twitter. We intend to feature some of this fabulous work on our blog this summer. You can also check out our past GitxChange hackathon, and stay tuned for future ones.


We are a nonprofit that relies on donations to keep us running. You can support us with PayPal, crypto, or by supporting our Gitcoin grant. We are grateful for your contributions that will be matched with quadratic funding!

Get Advice 

Consult with us: The RadicalxChange Foundation works directly with governmental and private organizations to help them implement RxC ideas including quadratic voting / funding, common property systems, data coalitions, and more. You are always welcome to email us if this might be a good fit for you at matt@radicalxchange.org.