February 2020 RXC Community Call Minutes & Recording

by Feb 7, 2020

This call was a great boost of energy to start this gloomy month of February. On Wednesday, February 5, at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 3pm GMT-3 / 6pm CET, over 25 attendees (with many local chapter leads attending) joined the community call to share who they are and what they are working on.

Main Takeaways:

Glen summarized the successes of 2019 well and the importance of 2020 for RxC:
We’re at a point in 2020 where we can spread RxC concepts at a viral growth rate with our many proof points supported by influential personalities (Audrey Tang’s use of QV in Taiwan, Gitcoin’s use of QF with Vitalik Buterin, the QV experiments in Colorado, Michelle Rempel in Canada, etc). The many RxC local chapters will help us get these concepts in front of the right people in local, regional and global institutions.

Here is the recording >

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Read through the minutes to see everything that is happening in the global RxC community; and get involved where it makes sense for you.

Updates from Local Chapters:

Six new chapters were started in January. We are working on a better way to communicate the existing and new chapters with related links, contacts and documentation until we can all collaborate on an online, decentralized directory. For the time being, Manny (emmanuel@radicalxchange.org) is available if you need to be connected to someone or want help to start or restart a local chapter.

Feel free to be creative as chapters can exist at many different levels, from a university, a company to a city, region or continent.

For now, here are the updates from local chapters who were on the call:

  • Event coming up in Frankfurt on Feb 20, where the chapter was started by Andreas Fuller and Leon Erichsen: http://meetu.ps/e/HJQ6w/wVfbK/a
  • New chapter started in Amsterdam
  • Antonio from the Purdue chapter is rallying the troops there and is testing the use of quadratic voting (QV) for class election
  • Russel Cui from the Rochester chapter is planning a talk with Alisha Holland (Harvard political scientist) about “the use of quadratic voting (QV) to understand public priorities and in academic survey research”. Holland is also giving a talk in Boston about planning institutions. And finally she will host a talk at the Rochester Department of Political Science about “Private Property Against Public Works”, which is a COST-related research project that is very similar to what she presented at the 2019 RadicalxChange Detroit conference.
  • Paris is having their first meeting this week with a few enthusiasts
  • Doug is here from LA
  • Mako is here from Oakland
  • Robert is hosting an event in Prague
  • Natalia visited the Barcelona chapter where they hosted an event a few weeks ago
  • Jim is here from Philadelphia and restarting the group

Calls to Action:

  • Andreas Fuller is looking for experts on data strategy issues in the EU and specifically in Germany where a new law passed
  • Russel Cui wants to get pointers to do a quadratic funding (QF) implementation without crypto.
  • We are looking at starting a local chapter in Brussels to tackle issues at the EU level. Natalia will meet with the EU ambassador soon.

Sharing profiles, projects and requests with the community:

  • Jake is a congressman running for congress in MA. He was one of the first politicians Glen talked to about radical markets: https://www.jakeforma.com/. He is working on applying Quadratic funding to campaign financing. He is looking for people interested in writing a small paper on QF for campaign financing or anti-trust subjects
  • Waldo Vanderhaeghen: based in Berlin, he is working with local communities to implement decentralized ideas. Community leader within Kiez Burn e.V., based in Berlin. Looking at (software) tools that enable decentralized self-organization in civil society organizations. Email Vanderhaeghen.waldo@gmail.com if you would like to collaborate
  • Roy Zhou: based in Canton, China, where he is starting a local chapter. Glen will be in China this summer
  • Antonio: based in Purdue, he asked for more info on quadratic finance, which might also interest others: vitalik.ca + gitcoin.co are the two most recent updates on this subject
  • Juliana Passos: based in Sao Paulo, she works in the ETH ecosystem in Brazil and with Kleros.io. She was connected to the Conference Organizers. Can’t wait to work on building the RxC ecosystem there. She is on Telegram and YouTube
  • Jennifer: Follow her adventure on a film, The Scheme of Things, about the future of work. Follow her on Twitter to get updates

Event Updates:

  • (Past) DAVOS World Economic Forum in Davos: Glen gave us a brief debrief of his time there, where he met with many different folks, such as the founders of the Occupy movement, the Labor Union of the world, the Botswana government, etc. We now have clear and diverse proof points of the RxC concepts with Audrey Tang’s use of QV in Taiwan, Gitcoin’s use of QF, the QV experiments in Colorado, Canada, etc. This will allow us in 2020 to spread the concepts if we manage to get in front of the right people. It’s at a point where we can quickly get an exponential growth rate via local chapters.
  • February: Gitcoin Community Call: Gitcoin hosts a community call every week on Fridays at 2pm EST. We have been invited to bring economists to talk about the theory of QF with some special guests from RxC. Stay tuned for the date.
  • February 15: Prague, CZ: Robert Suhada is giving an introduction to RxC in Prague at Parallel Polis (an art/crypto/activism space) on Feb 15. The Abstract is online. He will be joined by Marek Hudik, an economist in Prague, to start a chapter there.
  • Europe: Glen will be traveling through Europe (Netherlands, Munich, etc.)
  • April 24-26: Turin, IT: Fanny, Giovanni and Leon are working on the ETHTURIN hackathon focused on sustainability, governance and local impact. If you are interested in helping, participating, attending, hacking or speaking about RxC Concepts, let Fanny know (fanny@radicalxchange.org).
  • June 18-20, Sao Paulo, BZ annual conference: A few great keynote speakers have already confirmed their presence: Vitalik Buterin, Eduardo Vengo, Audrey Tang, the newly elected Bogota Colombia mayor, Claudia Lopez. Antonio from Purdue suggested organizing a hackathon during the conference. Leon Erichsen will also help organize. Reach out to Matt (matt@radicalxchange.org) to help with the conference. Tickets will be very affordable and will go on sale at the beginning of March.

Communication Tools:

  • RxC Website: We are very close to flipping the switch on a soft launch of the website redesign
  • Twitter: tag @radxchange for us to retweet to a broader audience (we passed 6,000 followers). Make sure you all follow twitter.com/radxchange
  • Ask any question or share requests/events on the Telegram channel
  • Use the Forum for longer debates and in-depth discussion
  • For the blog on the website, send your content to fanny (fanny@radicalxchange.org) if you want to submit your work to be published

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