September 2019 RXC TownHall Call Minutes & Recording

by Sep 11, 2019

For our second town hall call, we had even more people who participated than the first time and a very collaborative format, where everybody pitched in with ideas or projects they are working on after a brief intro by Jennifer and Matt.

Link to the full call recording


Main takeaways

  • The Annual conference 2020 is almost confirmed to be held in May or June 2020 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Emmanuel Midy officially in charge of helping communities and chapters get organized. Email him at to find or start a chapter.
  • Leon Erichsen from the Berlin chapter shared a spreadsheet listing all projects around RXC ideas so the whole community can better collaborate. Add your project here
  • The community is getting together to find the best way to collaborate, share ideas and research, to have the biggest possible reach on the concept and application levels

Action Items

  • The next conference call will be held later in the day to accommodate the RXC communities in Asia
  • If people have contacts in Brussels, please email Glen to get things accelerated on the European level
  • Share your thoughts and comments on the calls to make them better. Link to survey
  • Submit your questions or topics to be covered on the next calls. Link to the RXC forum

Detailed minutes

Number of participants: 31
Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Platform: Zoom Meeting
Presenters: All people attending


Foundation updates by Matt & Jennifer:
  • Working groups with politicians / present to lawmakers in California on data proposals
  • 2020 conference to be announced (just about) – São Paulo Brazil in May 2020
  • South America focus / incredibly important place to talk about these ideas
  • Handbook / manual to give to mayors and coop leaders in the US for them to apply RXC ideas. – Everybody should be able to disseminate these ideas to their network, how to concretely apply some of these ideas in local government settings.
  • Emmanuel Midy: formally brought on to the RXC team coordinating with chapters and community engagement all around the world. Reach out to him at [email] to know how to get involved in a chapter or connect with the right people in the foundation
  • Leon from the Berlin chapter started a spreadsheet listing all projects happening around RXC ideas around the globe. Please add the ones you know about so the whole community can be informed and collaborate. Link to the spreadsheet
Nazz in Bengladore
  • Water issue similar to Cape Town in India where a lot of cities will run out of water by 2020 – 20
  • Need to understand the roots of the problem to fix it with the city council


  • Prototype of electronic voting in Poland
  • Would like to know about the best applications of QV around the world (Colorado + another announcement)
  • Telegram and Bitfury founders are interested – Glen to connect and travel to Ukraine
Ruth Catlow
  • Culture stake to be announced using QV system on the blockchain for commissioning works
  • Prototyping an app to experiment experimental artworks in a better way
  • Ananya: Smithsonian might be interested in this project
  • Ruth to send up a write up to Ananya / Glen
  • Real estate increased rental prices in Berlin followed by a lot of protests against it
  • SPD party proposed to confiscate the properties from this company – first try out of COST?
  • Need to have an article in Der Welt or other newspaper explaining COST related to renters prices
  • Glen will be in Germany in November for two weeks: need to plan for that.
  • At web3summit dgov node, RXC presented updates then held a panel on radical liberalism w Lane Rettig, Sam Hart, Thom Ivy and Santi from Democracy Earth
  • Need to find a better way to work with a very flat community in the blockchain space and find teh right internal communication tools to get less top down setup and optimize idea proposals and feedback (call organized with Commons Stack)
Suji Yan
  • Blockchain week in Shanghai
  • Write something up + Interview with someone from RXC
  • Jennifer came to Shanghai to do a meetup. Talked to a professor who wants to do more collaboration on data’s labor and privacy things + QV uses
  • Glen will be in Asia for a month next summer
Joe Lambke
  • Need to be connected with the local communities in Oregon to get started on the governance projects
  • Manny / Natalia: to get more resources and connect with Seattle people as well
  • We need to do better contact sharing / get more folks involved. How?
  • Join the fundraising committee mid sept / late sept
  • Need more material to know why QV was a success for Colorado
  • Glen or Santi to send her a deck