October 2019 RXC Town Hall Call Minutes & Recording

by Oct 7, 2019

We have had a bit of issues with town hall scheduling: on the first two calls (August and September), the daylight saving times have been wrong in Google calendars, making people log in at the end of both calls. This time for the 3rd call, we made sure to list a lot of different time zones but messed up the days in a tweet btw Tuesday and Wednesday…
We were however very happy to connect with the RXC community sitting on the East side of the world before Devcon5 Osaka and other major initiatives happening in Asia.

Read through to the detailed minutes to learn more about many many things happening around RXC concepts and applications.


Main takeaways

  • Radical Markets book is now available in Chinese in China.
  • Upcoming events with RXC members include:
    – Defi.wtf event in Osaka on October 7 where QV might be tested to be used to attribute panel speaker seats. See details >
    – Two talks on the main stage at Devcon5 on October 10 by Audrey Tang (What the foundation has accomplished and what the impact has been so far) and Zoe Hitzig (RXC 2.0: what to expect in the future) + many other side talks/meetups with quadratic voting applications being discussed. See details >
    – A keynote address by Glen Weyl “Choosing a Dignified Future for Work” at the Future of Work conference at The Mercatus Center at George Mason University on October 11 in Arlington, VA. See agenda >
    – A Berlin event is being organized by RXC on November 22, 2019 featuring Matt, Jen, Glen and Audrey Tang (among others)
    – RXC annual conference in June 2020 probably in Sao Paolo, Brazil (more details to be announced)
    – A potential event in summer 2020 in China to be organized with Yuqing Hu’s help
  • New speaker’ program is listing all RXC speakers to be submitted to conferences
  • Many changes to come in the coming month to the foundation’s website (we still need help with development and design if anybody knows people interested).

Link to the full call recording >


Action Items


Detailed Minutes

Call Details:

  • Number of participants: 23
  • Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2019 for the West side of the planet / Thursday, October 3, 2019 for the East side of the planet
  • Platform: Zoom Meeting
  • Presenters: All people attending

Foundation Updates:

  • The Handbook explaining quadratic voting are almost ready to be tested at the local level and be distributed to a handful of local government bodies
  • Speakers’ Program:
    Contact Jen at jennifer@radicalxchange.org to be added to the list of RXC speakers to be submitted to conferences
  • Event being organized by RXC in Berlin on November 22, 2019: Contact Jen if you are interested in helping or attending the event that will involve Glen, Jen, Matt, Audrey Tang, Fanny, etc.
  • The foundation website will feature the schedules and events including RXC in the coming months to be able to connect in person and organize more meetings

Yuqing Hu:

  • The Radical Markets book is now available in China and has been shared with many professors.
  • A conference with RXC people to be organized late June to early August 2020
  • Yuqing Hu to be put in touch with RXC leaders in other Asian countries
  • Interviews to be conducted by email with Chinese media with Glen and also Vitalik Buterin who speaks Mandarin (to be arranged by Glen)


Nathalia Scherrer:

  • We are welcoming her to the RXC community from Brazil and is looking forward to help with the annual conference

Marielle Gross:

  • Marielle will host a working group on health data as labor, blockchain, privacy preserving technology and learning health systems as part of the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Learning Health Systems Symposium at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (and remotely via video conference) at 11:00-12:00 on Nov 6, 2019. Conference in Ann Harbor on November 6/7 (details to be received)
  • Connect with Ace Heng: HK health data collection group w a lot of clinics to connect with Marielle
  • Some links on these topics: Blockchain Healthcare TodayThe Health Care Blog

Giovanni di Lauro:

  • Lead of the RXC Italy chapter in Milan
  • First RXC meetup in Milan at the end of the month
  • Glen to be in Italy on the 20th of October (Rome)